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EU-Russia STI collaboration: Good practice examples from the Year of Science and beyond.

Brussels | 25 November 2014

A scientific conference to close the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014.

This final event will highlight the achievements of the Year of Science, present good practice from the areas of mutually beneficial cooperation and illustrate the potential for Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation. more (URL:

Enhancing the bilateral S&T Partnership with the Russian Federation

  • About the Project

    Russia, as the EU’s largest direct neighbouring country and as a global player on the political and economic stage is in many respects considered as one of the main strategic international partners of the EU. Russia has also been the most successful non-associated third country in the recent Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development. The BILAT-RUS-Advance project focuses on enhancing the bilateral science, technology and innovation (STI) partnership between the Russian Federation and the EU Member States/Associated Countries.
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  • Partners

    The BILAT-RUS-Advanced consortium comprises 16 prominent partners: 7 from EU member states and 9 from Russia. BILAT-RUS Advanced is being coordinated by the Project Management Agency at German Aerospace Center (DLR).
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  • Dr. Jörn Grünewald

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