WP4: Outreach and coordination with relevant projects

The fourth work package assured that the results of the project were disseminated to relevant target groups. Also, it assured that possible synergies of the project activities with other FP7 or related projects were exploited. It provided targeted experts’ advice during the project implementation, securing that the project deliverables were of high quality. In sum, the overall objective of this work package was to systematically inform about the project and its results, relating and harmonising activities with that of other relevant actors and using external advice for the highest possible quality of its results. Activities of this work package were the following:
  • The project followed an awareness rising & dissemination strategy which was implemented and up-dated.
  • Relevant project documents or executive summaries were translated into Russian.
  • An external review panel consisting of three persons was established at the very beginning of the project.
  • An Advisory Board was established in order to continuously monitor the activities of the project and run a mid term review after 18 months. This body of eight persons consisted of Russian and European representatives of authorities, science and industry.