WP2: Stimulating research and innovation cooperation: Promoting and supporting cooperation opportunities

The second work package contributed to raising awareness for cooperation opportunities through and beyond FP7 and its successor 'Horizon 2020'. It aimed to raise each other’s awareness for EU and Russia STI cooperation potentials and foster partnering at individual researchers´, teams´ and institutional levels including close cooperation with the industrial sector and SMEs. A special subtask was devoted to the question if and how a common representation of European scientific organisations in Russia (‘Joint Liaison Office’) might be established. The overarching objective of WP2 was to promote the STI potential of Russia and the EU, to foster EU-Russian contacts and joint activities in the field of research and innovation, and to facilitate integration of Russian and the EU science and innovation communities. Thus, the activities of work package 2 included:
  • Implementation of FP7 information days in Russia (at a later stage information days on 'Horizon 2020'); 'Russia sessions' in relevant events in Europe to promote the S&T potential and cooperation opportunities. Access opportunities to Russian programmes will be promoted in Europe.
  • A special BILAT-RUS-Advanced web site will be created, The existing web-portal 'S&T Gate RUS.EU' will be maintained and advanced and will contribute to up-dating of the access opportunities for EU researchers to Russian STI programmes.
  • A grant scheme will be developed and implemented, covering costs of scientists from EU-Member States for travelling to Russia (overall 100.000 EUR). The grant scheme will be implemented with a specific thematic focus on Innovation. The objective of this activity is to raise awareness about and foster cooperation with the new innovation-related infrastructures in Russia.
  • Test the interest and feasibility of a common representation of European scientific organisations in Russia (‘Joint Liasion Office’). A small set of basic cost scenarios based on the structural models outlined in the integration report will be developed. The plan will also indicate potential time scale and implementation steps necessary.
  • Support for the development of a sustainable and high-quality network of FP7 Contact Points in Russia and other information multipliers in Russian regions.